Benefits of Container Planting

There are so many things to love about our planters … too many to list … However, the benefits of container planting are definitely worth a blog post. Everyone loves the look of a lush garden setting or a well-trimmed landscape. Surrounding ourselves in what mother nature has to offer can be relaxing, calming, comforting and even sometimes stress relieving.

When you choose to go the route of container planting you are making the choice to simplify the process and make your outdoor living space gorgeous without the commitment of a big in-ground garden. You can control the environment for your flowers and foliage to flourish. Taller planters like our 36” Lisa tapered pot or our 28” Heritage twist pot help keep your plants safe from hungry rabbits and other small creatures. By choosing something like our 24” Richmar cube pot it also helps lessen the spread of any soil borne diseases that you may encounter.

Another benefit, if you are anything like me, is that keeping your plants contained in a pot you have the option to move them around (and around and around) so that you can find the perfect spot (even if that continues to change based on your mood) … also you can find the optimal spot for sun and shade seasonally so that your plant will reach its highest potential.

              Container Planting opens the door for instant gratification … no need to spend time excavating and preparing hard ground to start a garden …  expecting last minute guests … drop a sago palm into a 24” sleek cube planter and snap! done … surprise Christmas visit from your mother-in-law. Grab a few poinsettias and set them into a 32” Thermory Ash planter and wow! Very impressive. All of our planter collections provide a quick way to add color to any backyard (especially a small one) when a special event comes up even if that special event is just a weekend at home with the family.

              Lastly (and trust me I could go on and on) You can create the perfect set up for your outdoor living needs based on what you want and not what the ground allows for. You can construct a privacy barrier by planting taller trees with our 37” rectangular thermory wood modern ash planters right along your neighbor’s wall regardless as to whether there are cement footers poured there or you can place a grouping of our Lisa tapered planters right on your patio or outside your kitchen window with flowers that attract pretty feathered friends such as hummingbirds and butterflies despite the fact the concrete is already laid there or a travertine deck has already been built.

              Don’t forget that when choosing the best option for your container planting needs, choosing Matrix Metalworks pots you are setting yourself up for success. Quality custom products that will last through all seasons for years to come. No one is looking to add things to their “To Do” list these days … keep it simple and enjoy!!

photo credit: Copyright: renka1

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