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 This is no Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes but who wouldn’t want to receive repeated monetary returns with little upfront investment. Whether you make the decision to invest in one or ten A frames or tiny houses you can follow the numbers and see how quickly you will find the return on your investment is profitable. According to Turnover Airbnb ( “One of the biggest pros of investing in a tiny house as a rental property is the low cost to buy or build it. According to research from, the average cost of a tiny house is $52,000, which is 87% cheaper than the national average of a typical home ** << And almost $20,000 more than ours>>. This makes tiny homes a much more accessible option for people to use to generate rental income.”

Let’s do the math!!! 

**<<Upfront cost (financing available) approx. $32,500.00

Average nightly rental $85.00 x 30 calendar days = $2,550.00

With a strong rental pattern your initial investment can be paid off in just over a year and nothing but profit after that!!

Mailbox Money = Passive Income …  There is no such thing as completely free/passive income however we feel that this is the most uncomplicated and effortless way to supplement your income. Tiny homes, like our custom A Frame, are a fantastic option for short term rentals as these small properties have big benefits. Low utility usage, little to no maintenance costs and the ability to be relocatable for use all year long are just a few of the reasons that save investors, owners, or renters money in the long run.

According to “Tiny homes are among today’s fastest-growing real estate trends. These small living spaces are the subject of new HGTV shows, dedicated Instagram hashtags, and more recently — investors’ watch lists. According to a survey from IPX 1031, over half of Americans would consider living in a tiny home — while almost 86 percent of first-time home buyers would consider one. Given these numbers, it makes sense why a tiny home investment could be just what your portfolio needs.” 

Be on the frontside of this trend … Many folks are looking for minimalism and eco-friendly living! Be the renter who gives all these 86% potential buyers the chance to stay a night or two in a beautiful tiny A Frame and have them pay you top dollar to do it!!

Before you go spending all this expendable income, please keep in mind that there is no guarantee in any of these investment ideas. Although we have seen the work first hand and according to ( “Right now, there’s no indication that travel spending is slowing. In fact, Q2 2022 was the first season that travel resumed to pre-pandemic levels. Airbnb’s revenue exceeded Q2 2019 levels by 78% and nightly bookings were up 24%. Earnings per share and earnings before taxes income, deprecation, and amortization (EBITDA) were 57% and 46%, respectively.” We want to make sure you do your research and make sure that this is the best investment for your portfolio. Remember if this isn’t the right time to invest you can always just plan a vacation to stay in one … follow these links to your next adventure!!

photo credit: Copyright: serezniy

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