“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” ~Henry Ford

Here at Matrix Metalworks, we ask ourselves “Why would a company make something that will not stand the test of time … just to be able to sell it at a cheap price”. When we gather our team together to create a new line, we have an important task. We have to design something that will hold up to every environmental force it may be faced with. Making something that just looks pretty won’t cut it in our book and it will not cut it in your yard either. It is crucial to consider the interior structure of the product as much as the aesthetics of the exterior. So much of what is amazing about our products is hidden away in the “foundation” of the product.

As of late our industry has been inundated with inferior “look alike” products that may seem like a bargain at the time however these, often imported, substandard planters will not last more than a season or two. When you invest in a Matrix creation you can rest assured that you are receiving top of the line American made products that have been quality control checked throughout every step of fabrication. We work hard to earn the confidence of our customers. There are no shortcuts we would consider taking that would jeopardize that trust.

When we manufacture an item that is designed for the outdoors, we have to consider everything that it may be exposed to and make sure we have constructed with uncompromised integrity that we can be proud of.  That is why we use products like commercial grade waterproofing systems, both single layer membranes and multi-layer membranes from reputable experienced companies to help protect your investment. On all but our Raw Planter Packages (and we will dive into why those are so awesome without water proofing at another time) you will find a moisture vapor barrier membrane that is applied by hand and has instantaneous adhesion, low odor and effective and permanent waterproofing properties. This important step will protect the life of your planter for years to come. In addition to the high-end waterproofing applied to our Primary and Premium collections we also affix heavy duty anti-skid free pads to help balance and stabilize the planter without causing any damage to the flooring or deck surface it is displayed upon. 

We also offer a top-of-the-line insulation option in our Premium Planter Package that will help protect your plants and soil from the vicious heat. If your outdoor living space is exposed to direct sun and you are concerned about your roots overheating then we have the perfect solutions. We use EPS foam with non-toxic, non-irritant and odorless attributes. It is the safest and most effective insulation option out there. We work hard to make sure your Matrix planter is going to withstand anything mother nature can throw its way. 

The same goes for when we are building custom fountains, we do not skimp on any steps. We put our confidence in the products we know will last. For example, using products like a two-part component urethane water proof systems that provide outstanding water containment and even have the option to tint the top coat so that it can match any color scheme. We also always include a submersible pump and a water float system that automatically refills your fountain when your water levels drop too low so that you don’t have to add “maintain water fountain” to your already long to do list. These important additions will make purchasing a Matrix fountain the easy choice.

It is these high-end tried and tested steps that set our product line above others. You do not want to have to repurchase your outdoor living décor season after season and with our Matrix Metalworks collections you can rest assured that you only have to buy it once and then there is nothing left to do but enjoy your yard.

photo credit: Copyright: netsay

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