Why steel planters are better in the desert.

steel planters by Matrix Metalworks LV

In the arid climate of the desert, choosing the right materials for your garden is crucial to ensure longevity and resilience against the harsh elements. At Matrix Metalworks LV, we specialize in crafting American-made steel planters that are handcrafted right here in Las Vegas. Steel is the perfect material for your desert garden due to its exceptional durability and weather resistance. Unlike wood, plastic, cement or terra cotta pots, steel planters can withstand the intense heat and sunlight we experience here in Las Vegas.

One of the key advantages of steel planters is their longevity. When finished properly, steel planters can last a lifetime, making them a worthwhile investment for your landscape. Unlike other materials that may degrade over time when exposed to the elements, steel maintains its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal for years to come.

To further enhance the durability of our steel planters, we apply professional interior waterproofing to protect the metal from rust and corrosion. This ensures that your planters remain in pristine condition even in the face of extreme weather conditions. Additionally, we offer a finish powder coat in any color to match your design preferences, allowing you to customize your steel planters to complement your outdoor space.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your curb appeal or create a stunning backyard oasis, our steel planters are the perfect choice. Give us a call today for a free quote and take the first step towards transforming your outdoor space with our durable and stylish steel planters.

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