Why “WOOD” you ever consider a wood alternative … real Thermory wood is all you need!

We love to incorporate Thermory Wood in our projects which is stunningly beautiful, with all the advantages of tropical woods, but without the disadvantages (environmental issues, difficult installation, & stability issues.) Our goal is to create products that we would want in our own homes. We love Thermory wood for its durability and longevity. Thermory wood is a modified real wood product that is stable from day one. Thermory wood starts with real wood harvested from sustainable forests. It then goes into a thermal modification chamber where the wood is dried to zero percent moisture. Then they add back in 4% so the wood is not too brittle and can be worked with. Also while in the chamber several other benefits occur … first it changes color (it goes in white and comes out brown through and through, much like cooking sugar on the stove, how it caramelizes and turns brown) second it becomes stable (since the wood has already been to zero it can be put outside and it’s already stable so no acclimation is required) thirdly it becomes durable (the process removes sugar from the wood … sugar is the source of rot, decay , mildew and the source of food for bugs so by removing the sugar you now have a product you can put outside with and expected life expectancy of 30-35 years). This wood can be used to skin outdoor planters or used to create benches and tables that all compliment a stylish and functional outdoor living area. It is available in several species that all age differently depending on sun and water exposure. Note that if left raw this wood will age to a natural ashy grey color which can always be reinvigorated by sanding and applying an oil. This wood can also be protected from the start by using a penetrating UV oil that is available in both clear and colored finishes. The benefit to this oil is its penetrating properties that will allow for fewer applications over the years and will help the wood maintain its rich brown colors. You can not go wrong with incorporating real Thermory wood species into your indoor or outdoor designs.

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